Smile maintains a long list of providers that can be retrieved if you require this information in your implementation. These providers are a combination of:

  1. data providers that your customers can connect to, in order to share their data with you, and
  2. employers that may or may not be mapped to a specific payroll system so your customers can share their data with you.

Where there is no payroll system mapped to a specific employer, Smile recommends a fallback mechanism of allowing the user to connect and share their social security records in order to provider identity and limited income information.

The Provider object

idstringUnique ID of the provider
namestringName of the data provider
longNamestringFull name or legal business entity name of the provider
logoUrlstringURL to the provider's logo
typestringType of provider, can be one of the following: GIG, GOVERNMENT, SYSTEM, EMPLOYER
typeLabelstringType label of provider, such as "Gig Platform" for type GIG
subTypestringWhere applicable, the subset type of the provider, such as SERVICES, TRANSPORTATION, etc.
subTypeLabelstringSubtype label of provider
activebooleanIndicates whether data provider integration is working
enabledbooleanIndicates whether data provider is enabled or access is allowed
mfabooleanIndicates whether data provider requires multi-factor authentication
accountConnectionbooleanIndicates whether a real-time account connection is available for this data provider
supportedarray of stringsList of supported data points for this employment data provider

Sample Provider data

    "id": "abccorp",
    "name": "ABC Corporation",
    "longName": "ABC Coporation Inc.",
    "logoUrl": "",
    "type": "EMPLOYER",
    "typeLabel": "Employer",
    "subType": "ISIC-G",
    "subTypeLabel": "Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles",
    "active": true,
    "enabled": true,
    "mfa": false,
    "accountConnection": false,
    "supported": []
    "id": "abcplatform",
    "name": "ABC Platform",
    "longName": "ABC Platform Pte. Ltd.",
    "logoUrl": "",
    "type": "GIG",
    "typeLabel": "Gig Platform",
    "subType": "SERVICES",
    "subTypeLabel": "Professional Services",
    "active": true,
    "enabled": true,
    "mfa": true,
    "accountConnection": true,
    "supported": [


Retrieve all providersGET /providers
Retrieve one provider recordGET /providers/{id}