About Smile

Our mission is to give workers in Asia greater access to financial services by facilitating the easy sharing of their employment and income data to businesses and financial services.

We do this by providing user-authorized access to this data by acting as a gateway or intermediary between custodians of this data and those interested in consuming the data, such as banks and other financial service institutions.

We aggregate and unlock previously siloed employment and income data coming from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms through a single API.


At Smile, we believe that access to your own data is a basic right!

How we can make you smile


  • Easy access to third-party employment and income data
  • Rapid development via Plug and Play SDK, RESTful API

Credit Risk and Compliance

  • Streamline work and income verification
  • Reduce the cost to comply with KYC requirements


  • Get access to alternative credit scoring data
  • Enrich existing data sets, create more accurate risk models


  • Create new products for new and underserved markets
  • Reduce time to market for new offerings


  • Auto-populate application forms
  • Reduce friction in user sign up and onboarding


  • Offer additional data points for customers
  • Expand offerings to include employment and income data

How we can make a difference for users

We seek to give back data control and ownership to the users.

This includes

  • identity information
  • employment information
  • income data
  • credit information


We believe that by letting users take control of their data, they can get better access to opportunities.

How we can make a difference for our clients

By providing user-permissioned employment data across different employment platforms and employers, Smile can provide:

  • greater coverage
  • real-time access
  • most recent, comprehensive, and verified data


You can make better decisions, increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and lower risk by using Smile.