Developer Portal

The Smile API Developer Portal allows you to manage your Smile API developer account, Wink Widget SDK, and connected user data.

Through the Developer Portal, you can:

  • Get your API Key and Secret
  • Test and preview our SDK and API
  • Understand our data sources and employee coverage
  • Get access to over 100 data points for employment and income verification
  • Preview data in JSON format

Sandbox Mode

Smile provides a Sandbox Mode for our production environment to allow you to test your integration with sample data. You can also use the Sandbox Mode in the Developer Portal while testing the Wink Widget emulator (outlined below).

All developer accounts have access to the Sandbox Mode. See Testing in Sandbox mode for more information. In order to test against live items in Production Mode, book a call with us to request access for your account.

Wink Widget Emulator

With the Wink Widget emulator, you can preview and test how our SDK works and have first-hand knowledge how the customer will experience our SDK if used straight out of the box.

If viewing the emulator in Sandbox Mode, you will have access to available test accounts for easy previewing and usage of the emulator.

User Explorer

With the Users Explorer, you can browse through all users who have shared their data with your organization through the SDK or other sources.

You can drill down to each user who has connected their accounts with you, and view their information in a visual Curriculum Vitae format or JSON format according to your needs. This lets you easily skim the data in your preferred format.

Data Sources

The Developer Portal also provides a visual way to explore the various data sources available for your users to connect to in order to maximize the amount of data they share with you. You'll see the full list of data providers, and each data point and field available for each provider.

By expanding each data provider item, developers can check the available data fields for each data point provided by the source.

API Keys

By default, all developer accounts will have Sandbox Mode API keys available to them upon signup. If you need Production Mode keys, you can request for access with us when you are ready to go live.