Demo for Developer Portal Integration

Test Accounts in Sandbox Mode

You can start familiarizing yourself with the Smile SDK by testing out the flow of our SDK. In Sandbox mode, we provide 4 sandbox testing accounts with different user details, allowing you to test the abilities of our SDK to the fullest.

Payslip Archive in Sandbox Mode

In Sandbox Mode, Smile SDK allows you to test how the payslip archive works. Sample test payslips are attached to each sandbox account, where they are downloadable with just a click of a button.

Note: Only sample test payslips are supported for Payslip Archive in Sandbox Mode.

Wink Widget Template in Sandbox Mode

You can also set up a Wink Widget Template in Sandbox Mode where you can customize your Wink Site to your liking.

Wink Site in Sandbox Mode

After setting up your Wink Widget Template, you can then test out your Wink Site by including your desired Wink Widget Template and pasting the URL of the Wink Site to your preferred browser.

Webhook in Sandbox Mode

You can also receive webhook events and webhook payload in Sandbox Mode for each connection through our SDK easily.