Pass Rate Improvement Guide

Shared Responsibility for End-to-End Pass Rates: Key Recommendations

Achieving effective end-to-end passrate rates for your app and Smile's SDK remains a crucial challenge that requires collective efforts. In this article, we will explore some key recommendations to enhance user pass rates and create a better user experience.

1. List your Choices of Top Data Providers

My.SSSGovt Services1
Virtual Pag-IBIGGovt Services2
My PhilHealth PortalGovt Services3
eGSIS MOGovt Services4
Fallback ProvidersGig Platforms5

To enhance operational efficiency and assist users in quickly locating the services they need, "deep links" can be employed by prominently listing the top three to five key service providers, such as My.SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, and eGSIS. This approach enables users to focus more effectively on addressing their issues, as they can directly access the specific services they require through these links. Furthermore, by categorizing Gig Platforms together, this strategy streamlines the user experience, facilitating efficient navigation and access to desired services.

// Customer Provider List Data Example
   "id": "sss_only",
   "logoUrl": ""
   "name": "Social Security System",
   "smileWinkTemplateId": "t_abc", //When the user clicks on the Item, pass the tempalteId to the Wink SDK
   ...   //Incentives, etc.
   "id": "philhealth_only",
   "logoUrl": ""
   "name": "Philhealth System",
   "smileWinkTemplateId": "t_bcd"
   ... //Incentives, etc.
   "id": "other_work_providers",
   "logoUrl": ""
   "name": "other_providers",
   "smileSdkTemplateId": "other_providers_wink_template_id"
   ... //Incentives, etc.

2. Strengthen Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

CTA buttons within the application should be easily recognizable and attention-grabbing. By using contrasting colors to make them stand out and employing clear, action-oriented text, users are encouraged to take specific actions. This can increase user interaction with the pages and prompt them to engage more actively with the application.

3. Provide Comprehensive Process Background

Users need to understand the key steps involved in the process they are undertaking. To offer a superior user experience, it is essential to clearly inform users about the need to search for specific providers and how to link employment or salary accounts. By providing clear background information, users will gain more confidence and smoothly complete their tasks.

4. Enhance Incentive Measures

To incentivize users to take action, more appealing incentive measures can be introduced. For example, opportunities to increase credit limits, obtain additional benefits, or enhance the likelihood of approval can be promised. These incentive measures make users more willing to actively participate and complete the required actions.

5. Utilize Smile SDK to Build Personalized Funnels

onUIEvent?: ({
    }: {
        eventName: string;
        eventTime: string;
        mode: string;
        userId: string;
        account: {
            providerId?: string;
            accountId?: string;
        archive: {
            fileType?: string;
    }) => void;

By leveraging the Smile SDK's callback function, it is possible to construct a personalized user interaction funnel. By listening to user UI events, a better understanding of user actions and needs can be gained, resulting in an experience that aligns more closely with user expectations. This helps optimize the user flow and improve overall success rates.

Customer Testimonials

Based on real-time data from one of our customers who implemented the suggestions on using the recommended provider list page provided by Smile from our Pass Rate Improvement Guide, the diagram shows a 3-time boost in launch rate difference compared to the customer-developed provider list page and Smile's suggested provider list.

Based on real-time data from one of our customers who has implemented the suggestions on using Deep Link to display the top providers from our Pass Rate Improvement Guide, the diagram shows a 20% boost in the conversion rate difference when the user was not using Deep Link and after they implemented Deep Link.


Raising end-to-end success rates is a shared responsibility. By clearly listing key service providers, reinforcing CTA buttons, providing detailed background information, enhancing incentive measures, and utilizing the Smile SDK to build personalized funnels, a better user experience can be created, and the utilization of online channels can be made more efficient. Let's work together to achieve a high-quality upgrade for your online loan services!