Smile's Identity product is a great fit if you need help verifying a user's identity. By accessing their information on file with financial and government institutions, you can verify a user's phone number, email address, mailing address, and name--along with other details that may be available on their file.

These details can be used any number of ways:

  • prefilling account information
  • verifying provided information with a trusted source
  • fraud detection and reduction
  • KYC compliance

Combined with our Income and Employments products, you can build a holistic view of your user, and determine appropriate financial services to offer and provide to them.

Sample Identity Data

Identity data includes the user's name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. Verifying the user's gig platform identity with their government or financial records can help authenticate their information.

  "id": "i-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
  "fullName": "George Cimafranca Palomero, Jr",
  "firstName": "George",
  "middleName": "Cimafranca",
  "lastName": "Palomero",
  "suffix": "Jr",
  "gender": "Male",
  "dob": "1970-08-24",
  "maritalStatus": "Married",
  "countryResidence": "PH",
  "citizenship": "Citizen",
  "photoUrl": "",
  "referenceId": null,
  "profileUrl": null,
  "emails": [
      "address": "[email protected]",
      "type": "Primary"
  "phones": [
      "number": "+639559991234",
      "type": "Mobile"
  "socialProfiles": [
      "socialUrl": "",
      "type": "Facebook"
  "addresses": [
      "fullAddress": "12 Maybunga St, Barangay Paraiso, Pasig City, NCR, 1600, PH",
      "line1": "12 Maybunga St",
      "line2": "Barangay Paraiso",
      "city": "Pasig City",
      "region": "NCR",
      "zip": "1600",
      "country": "PH",
      "latitude": "14.573454",
      "longitude": "121.085042",
      "type": "Primary"
  "metadata": {
    "createdAt": "2022-08-19T07:29:08Z",
    "sourceId": "a-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
    "sourceType": "ACCOUNT",
    "userId": "tenantId-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
    "providerId": "abccorp"

Verifying User Identity

Most platforms will contain at least a first name and last name, with middle names and suffixes varying from platform to platform. You can use these information to match your customer's provided information with data from verifiable sources, such as government records and social security agencies.

Fallback Methods

If the sources your user provided are not enough you can also make use of Smile's Archive API to encourage the user to upload their own IDs. This can be a drivers' license, passport, or even banking or payroll documents.

Testing Identity

Identity can be tested in Smile API's Sandbox mode without the need to contact Smile API. See Testing in Sandbox mode for more information. In order to test against live items in Production mode, book a call with us to request access for your account.

Next Steps