The Liabilities product allows you to retrieve anyone's government-provided loans in seconds, giving you access to important data for decisions and underwriting. Their capability to maintain and pay off a loan is especially useful when assessing a person's credit worthiness.

With Smile, your customers can share liabilities information with you so you have more data points for your credit decisioning.

This information can be used any number of ways:

  • verifying loans data provided by your customer
  • supplementing current data with liabilities information
  • assessing credit worthiness

Combined with our Incomes and Employments products, you can build a holistic view of your user, and determine appropriate financial services to offer and provide to them.

Sample Liabilities Data

Liabilities data is currently available from government institutions providing such services.

    "id": "lia-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
    "type": "Salary Loan",
    "startDate": "2022-10-06",
    "amortizationFrequency": "Monthly",
    "currency": "PHP",
    "loanAmount": 16000,
    "referenceId": "SL201601011234567",
    "endDate": "2023-10-06",
    "firstAmortizationDate": "2022-11-06",
    "amortizationAmount": 738.32,
    "outstandingBalance": 14599.76,
    "nextPaymentAmount": 732.38,
    "overduePaymentAmount": 0,
    "metadata": {
        "createdAt": "2022-11-01T01:01:01Z",
        "sourceId": "a-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
        "sourceType": "ACCOUNT",
        "userId": "tenantId-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78",
        "providerId": "xyzservice",
        "accountId": "a-123abc456def789abc123def456abc78"

Fallback Methods

If the sources your user provides are not enough, you can also make use of Smile's Archive API to retrieve a user-uploaded loans document.

Testing Liabilities

Liabilities can be tested in Smile API's Sandbox mode without the need to contact Smile API. See Testing in Sandbox mode for more information. In order to test against live items in Production mode, book a call with us to request access for your account.

Next Steps